I help young adults who feel overwhelmed and stuck to create a clear plan of action and get moving again.

One step at a time:

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to explore how I can help you or your young adult.

New Client Package

Designing Your Roadmap in 3 Months

Are you struggling to figure out your future? Do you feel overwhelmed by … everything? Do things look good on paper but reality is a different story? What if you were clear about what you need to do next, and you had the confidence to actually do it?

I help individuals, including teenagers and young adults, who feel overwhelmed and unsure about their future, figure out what they want, what they don’t want, and how to make action so they get moving again.

The new client package is an opportunity for you to get support and figure out what you need (that’s coaching!), and includes 10 virtual coaching sessions of 45 minutes each, scheduled over 3 months. This offers a foundational start to making positive changes in your life. The initial session is an intake session where we will review your intake forms, set expectations and establish 3 month coaching plan goals. The following sessions are scheduled weekly for 7 sessions, then alternating weeks for the remaining 2 sessions. You will also have email and text support in between sessions as needed.

The first 8 sessions build and develop your skills to create change - think of this like training wheels when you learned to ride a bike. For the next 2 sessions, there is a longer break between coaching sessions so you practice the skills you’ve developed and start coaching yourself.

After the initial 10 sessions, depending on their goals, some clients evolve to self-coaching. Other clients choose to continue to work together for additional accountability and insight. My ultimate goal is for you to develop the skills to coach yourself.

If you are thinking about working with me, please schedule a free 15-minute consultation to explore if we are a good fit.

The new client package is $900 for ten 45-minute virtual coaching sessions. Payments are by Venmo to @jeanthelifecoach: $300 to schedule the first session, and 2 additional payments of $300 each 30 days and 60 days later.

I believe all people should have access to high quality coaching. Therefore, each quarter, I reserve several partial scholarship client spots. Please inquire: hello@jeantrujillo.com. Rates are subject to change.

Last updated: June 6, 2024

What is coaching?

Coaching is non-directive support to help you achieve your goals. That means a coach doesn't tell you what to do. Instead, a coach helps you discover the answers within yourself to reach your goals.

You will receive individualized, high quality coaching to work on 1-3 goals. I am committed to helping all people achieve their version of success.

As your coach, my role is to be a thought partner, helping you become more aware, and think broader than you would on your own. Through an inquiry process, I will guide you to explore your goals and share my observations. It is a “no expectations” discovery process to creating a life you love.

When you decide to work with me, in preparation for the first session, I will send you several forms electronically. These include the client profile, coaching plan goals, life satisfaction survey and person-environment appraisal. In the first session, we will review these forms so I get to know you better and then you’ll set outcome goals for our time together.

In each subsequent coaching session, you’ll determine the specific focus and articulate a tangible measure of success that would make our time together most useful to you. My role is to navigate the conversation so that you’ll develop and clarify actions that will move you forward to your goal.

Last updated: September 25, 2023

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